Energy Clearing Spray [Smokeless Sage and Palo Santo]

$17.17 / Coming Soon

Used as an alternative to the white sage and Palo Santo traditionally burned to purify an area. This spray provides all of the benefits of sage and Palo Santo without the smoke or ash. Reiki infused and handmade with white sage and Palo Santo essential oils, clear quartz (in bottle), witch hazel and distilled water. This blend is used to uplift and clear your environment for meditation, cleansing and an increase in positive energy.

-One (1) Glass 2oz bottle of Reiki Infused Energy Clearing Spray

Spray at arms length around your body, do not spray directly in face. Mist this essential oil spray to clear energy, enhance sacred space, or prepare a room for meditation or healing practices. Shake well before using.

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