"The Essentials" Crystal Kit

  • "The Essentials" Crystal Kit
  • "The Essentials" Crystal Kit

Named "The Essentials" because whether you're new to the crystal healing journey or want to expand your already growing collection this kit gives you the "essential" tools you need!

Clear Quartz: Balances energy as master healer, promotes clarity, and enhances intentions
Rose Quartz: Promotes self-love and love for others, attracts love and emotional healing, enhances compassion
Citrine: Brings energy and joy, attracts abundance and happiness, promotes manifestation and helps you achieve goals
Amethyst: Enhances intuition, strength and inner peace, calms the mind, clears home and body of negative energy

Contains 4 tumbled crystals with information card and details on the set:
-Clear Quartz (1)
-Rose Quartz (1)
-Amethyst (1)
-Citrine (1)
-1 Information Crystal Card

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