Sweet Dreams Set

  • Sweet Dreams Set
  • Sweet Dreams Set

Whether you need to wind down after a long day or prepare for a restful night of sleep, this set combines the power of natural lavender which is shown to relax muscles, reduce tension and improve sleep as well as healing crystals for optimal relaxation.

This 3-stone crystal set was created with the intention of improving your sleep quality and promoting a peaceful mindset before you head to bed or after a long day of work when relaxation is needed.

Amethyst: this is a healing stone that facilitates calmness and relaxes your physical body making falling asleep easier. This stone works with your Third Eye and can assist you in clearing negative thoughts to prevent nightmares.

Blue Sandstone [Blue Goldstone]: blue sandstone is also known as blue goldstone and deflects negative energy and encourages motivation and drive. This stone increases confidence and is extremely useful while sleeping so you can wake up feeling energized and powerful

Clear Quartz: the master healer known to amplify any intention and the energy of other surrounding crystals

-One (1) Tumbled Clear Quartz
-One (1) Amethyst Star
-One (1) Blue Sandstone Crescent Moon
-Natural Lavender Buds
-One (1) Black Mesh Bag

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