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Honey Calcite Sphere


Honey Calcite, like the name alludes to, is a beautiful golden honey color that varies from very light to a dark amber color. This stone is strongly connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra providing you with energy that boosts your confidence, motivates you and increases your personal power. This stone assists you in finding the courage to enhance or develop your leadership skills. Honey Calcite supports you in overcoming obstacles to accomplish your goals and usher in abundance. Zodiac Signs that resonate with this stone include Aries, Leo, Pisces and Cancer [sun, moon or rising].

Spheres are perfect because they emit energy in all directions and promote feelings of balance, tranquility and relaxing energies that mimic the shape of the stone.

Size: Avg. 38mm-40mm

What You'll Receive:
-ONE (1) Honey Calcite Sphere intuitively chosen

- First Class USPS
- Ships in 1-3 business days (excluding weekends) after payment is received

Color and patterns vary, please look at item photo to get an idea of the diversity. Please keep in mind that due to natural variations in material such as rocks, minerals, and crystals, there may occasionally be imperfections present. Some of these natural flaws may include things like irregular surfaces, minor chips, and scratches. Some crystals may also contain natural inclusions. Items photographed outside may differ in color compared to those photographed under indoor artificial light.

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