Double Terminated Prasiolite Point

  • Double Terminated Prasiolite Point
  • Double Terminated Prasiolite Point

Double terminated crystals have a single point at each end, formed naturally or being cut and polished. Double terminated crystals have their energy flowing both ways making them advantageous for healing and spiritual purposes.
Prasiolite, also known as green amethyst, brings high vibrational energy that opens you up to love and compassion. This stone works to clear negative energy from your mind, body and spirit. As a Heart Chakra stone, it allows you to embrace the energy of unconditional love while increasing your self-confidence and self-worth. Prasiolite serves as a healing stone that can ground you to the energy of the Earth to balance you from within. As an amplifier, it works extremely well with others crystals and stones to enhance their energies as well. This is an excellent stone for spiritual healing and growth, that encourages loving and harmonious energy to surround you.

Size: Avg. 2"

What You'll Receive:
-ONE (1) Double Terminated Prasiolite Point intuitively chosen

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Color and patterns vary, please look at item photo to get an idea of the diversity. Please keep in mind that due to natural variations in material such as rocks, minerals, and crystals, there may occasionally be imperfections present. Some of these natural flaws may include things like irregular surfaces, minor chips, and scratches. Some crystals may also contain natural inclusions. Items photographed outside may differ in color compared to those photographed under indoor artificial light.