Chakra Balancing Oil Roll-On


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Let's Balance Those Chakras!

This essential oil blend was created to mirror the power of Chalcopyrite (Peacock Ore), which is a healing stone for balancing and aligning all chakras. The iridescent packaging is a nod to the brilliant colors of Chalcopyrite with soothing colors that are pleasing to the eye.
Made with a combination of natural essential oils which target each energy center individually but works collectively to achieve equilibrium among your 7 chakras. Lightly scented with an uplifting fragrance suitable for male or female use, putting powerful aromatherapy to work. Packaged inside the oil blend are small clear quartz crystals for increased power.
Can be used prior to starting your day, throughout the day for a boost, during meditation or before bed for a peaceful night of sleep! Get creative with ways to use your chakra balancing oil.

-One 10ML Tie-Dye Essential Oil Blend Rollerball
-Contains Clear Quartz Crystals (in oil blend)

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