Amazonite Palm Stone

  • Amazonite Palm Stone
  • Amazonite Palm Stone
  • Amazonite Palm Stone

Amazonite has a calming and soothing energy that can assist in relieving stress and anxiety. Well-known for improving communication and maintaining emotional balance this makes for a great Throat Chakra balancing stone.
Also known as “The Hope Stone”, Amazonite works with the Heart Chakra helping with self-love, soothing emotional trauma, decreasing anxiety and manifesting universal love.
This stone is known to attract good luck and can help you release toxic energy while promoting feelings of positivity.

Palm Stones have a nice polished finish with varying amounts of flash. The soothing colors in these stones are sure to instill a sense of peace while holding. These palm stones are a perfect size to take along with as a companion stone while traveling. They can be useful during meditation and Chakra healing work. They will look wonderful on display in any home

What You'll Receive:
-ONE (1) Amazonite Palm Stone intuitively chosen

- First Class USPS
- Ships in 1-3 business days (excluding weekends) after payment is received

Color and patterns vary, please look at item photo to get an idea of the diversity. Please keep in mind that due to natural variations in material such as rocks, minerals, and crystals, there may occasionally be imperfections present. Some of these natural flaws may include things like irregular surfaces, minor chips, and scratches. Some crystals may also contain natural inclusions. Items photographed outside may differ in color compared to those photographed under indoor artificial light.