Abundance Kit

  • Abundance Kit
  • Abundance Kit
  • Abundance Kit

Abundance: plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity.
This abundance kit supplies you with white sage for cleansing yourself and environment as well as one aventurine healing crystal and one clear quartz crystal. White Sage is ethically sourced.

Aventurine is a healing crystal of success and luck that welcomes positive vibes and opens you up to accepting and manifesting the abundance in your life you desire. Clear Quartz is the master healer in the crystal world and is known as the stone of power, this enhances any intention that is set while using. Keep these items close to you when preparing for new opportunities, in meditation, in your personal space or in your pocket to harness the energy! What areas in your life are you wishing to be abundant in? Let this kit help you!

-(1) ONE Aventurine Crystal
-(1) ONE Clear Quartz Crystal
-(1) Wrapped White Sage Stick 4” in length

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